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Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia…(276) 926-6516 or 492-2093 Toll-free (866) 720-1008
Clinch River Services (Dungannon)…(276) 467-2201
Community Clinic…(276) 328-3394
Crossroads Medical Mission…(276) 466-1600 or visit info@crossroads medicalmission.org
Mountain Comprehensive Healthcare, Whitesburg, Kentucky…(606) 633-4823
Mountain Empire Dialysis Center…(276) 679-7805
Norton Community Hospital Wise Residency Clinic…(276) 328-3394
Southwest Virginia Perinatal Council…(276) 676-4501
Southwest Virginia Regional Cancer Center…(276) 679-5874
Stone Mountain Health Services: Appalachia Clinic…(276) 565-2760
Haysi Clinic…(276) 865-5121
Pennington Gap…(276) 546-3001
St. Charles Clinic*…(276) 383-4428
* Free medication program available to patients with no insurance and who qualify.
St. Paul…(276) 762-0770
Stone Mountain Health Services Black Lung Program…(276) 383-4428
The Health Wagon (Dickenson, Wise, & Buchanan Co.)…(276) 926-2260 Wise number…(276) 328-8850

The Every Woman’s Life program provides free mammograms, clinical breast exams, PAP tests, and pelvic exams to women who qualify. If breast or cervical cancer is diagnosed through an Every Woman’s Life screening, treatment may be then be provided free of charge through Virginia Medicaid. For more information contact your local health department. The Wise County/Norton health department may be reached by calling (276) 328- 8000. Or, call the Every Woman’s Life program toll-free at 1-866-395-4968.

Health Care/Medical: Also refer to the sections on “Health Departments” and “Hospitals.” To learn about FAMIS, (FAMILY ACCESS TO MEDICAL INSURANCE SECURITY PLAN), free children’s medical insurance, call 1-866-873-2647, or contact your local department of social services.

Lee County Health Department…(276) 346-2011
Scott County Health Department…(276) 386-1312
Wise County/City of Norton Health Department…(276) 328-8000

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