About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality medical care to the medically under-served in the mountains of Appalachia.

About The Health Wagon

Health Wagon Time Line

  • The Health Wagon is a nonprofit organization providing mobile health services to the medically underserved in Southwest Virginia since 1980.
  • The Health Wagon visits eleven sites in Virginia’s Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Scott, and Wise counties (and the City of Norton) to serve a severely medically underserved population.
  • The Health Wagon’s staff consists of two Doctors of Nursing Practice, a Family Nurse Practitioner, two Registered Nurses, three Licensed Practical Nurses, an Outreach Coordinator, a Director of Operations, an Administrative Assistant, a Director of Development, a Data Systems Coordinator, and a Receptionist.
  • Every dollar donated to the Health Wagon is approximately $100 reaped in health care benefits.
  • In 2013, the Health Wagon assisted more than 11,000 patients obtain access to care valued at over $1 million.
  • The Health Wagon provides:
    • Acute Disease Management (Colds, Sore Throats)
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • (Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia)
    • Low Cost Lab Services
    • Medication Assistance and Pharmacy Connect
    • State of the Art Telemedicine capabilities with University of Virginia Health System with Specialists
    • Physical Assessments
    • Immunization Programs
    • Health Teaching Components
    • Referrals and Follow-up Systems
    • Cardiac Specialty Clinics
    • Nephrology Specialty Clinics with renal ultrasound
    • Lung Cancer Early Detection Program with pulmonology consultation and chest x-ray
    • Women’s Health – Pap Smears and Mammogram Assistance
    • Community Health Fairs
    • Cardiovascular Disease Outreach Screening Programs
    • Remote Area Medical (RAM) Health Expedition
    • Loan Closet for Medical Supplies
    • Dental Clinics
    • Eye Clinics
    • And more…
  • Through partnership with many pharmaceutical companies, the Virginia Health Care Foundation and Mountain Empire Older Citizens Agency, the Health Wagon’s Pharmacy Connect Program provided $1.2 million in pharmacy assistance to patients in 2013.
  • The Health Wagon utilizes an advanced computer system and broadband telecommunications linkage to provide clinical, educational, and other specialty services to patients via telemedicine technologies.  As a partnership with the University of Virginia Health System, the network is capable of rapidly transferring patient records and medical images – such as x-rays, CT and MRI scans, ultrasound recordings, and more.

Components of the Health Care Outreach

  • Nearly one million residents of Virginia lack health insurance.
  • The poverty rate among the population served by the Health Wagon is 70% to 140% higher than in the rest of Virginia.
    • 43.4% live on incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty rate, compared with 27.1% statewide.
    • 49.3% of those over the age of 25 do not have a high school diploma, compared with 24.8% statewide.
    • Chronic unemployment rates are five times higher than the statewide average.
  • Adults in the Health Wagon coverage area age 35-64 die 30% earlier than the same population in the rest of Virginia.
  • Additionally, as compared with the rest of Virginia:
    • Health Wagon clients are 21% more likely to die from diseases of the heart.
    • Health Wagon clients are 14% more likely to die from diabetes.
    • Health Wagon clients are 35% more likely to die from COPD.
    • Health Wagon clients are 40% more likely to die from unintentional injuries.
    • Health Wagon clients are 50% more likely to die from suicide.