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Community Outreach and Free Health Care Program

Volunteer Opportunities

You can make a difference in helping us provide compassionate, quality health care to the medically underserved in our area.

Data EntryMailings
FilingAnswering telephone
Compiling StatisticsPainting
Assisting with ReportsLandscaping
Word ProcessingPre-exam interviews
Pulling Files

In addition, medical professional volunteers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, RNs, and LPNs are always needed and appreciated.

All volunteer licensed health providers with a current or temporary Virginia license are covered for liability under the Division of Risk Management program (Virginia Code 54.1-106) at no cost, this includes only medical malpractice (see for more information). Temporary license must be valid for dates of volunteer services.

Medical Tourism

The Health Wagon is looking for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, and any other ancillary health professionals to help provide health care to the medically under-served areas in rural Appalachia.  Our state-of-the-art mobile health unit serves and two stationary clinics meet the many needs of individuals, families, and communities that would have otherwise remained untreated.

Volunteer opportunities range from one to three weeks.  During your tour, you will be working both in our stand-alone and mobile clinics.  We provide basic primary care to our patients.  Typical medical conditions include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.  These patients will warm your heart because they are so appreciative of the medical care they receive.

A typical one-week clinic schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Wise Clinic (Wise County)

    Free standing 4,900 square foot clinic.

  • Tuesday – Mobile Clinic in Clinchco (Dickenson County)

    Rural, underserved town of 400 people, most of who are uninsured and unable to travel to the clinic in Wise.

  • Wednesday – Clintwood Clinic (Dickenson County)

    Free standing 1,800 square foot clinic in the 1.9 square mile town of Clintwood.

  • Thursday – Mobile Clinic in Appalachia (Wise County)

    Historic, struggling town of 2,000 people.  The mobile clinic parks in front of a high school that has been closed.

  • Friday – Return to Wise Clinic (Wise County)

All clinics are from approximately 9 AM to 5 PM.  Weekends and evenings are free so that you may enjoy the beautiful sights and scenery of Southwest Virginia’s mountains.

Medical volunteer tourism in Southwest Virginia is a perfect, tax-deductable way to provide medical care to underserved Americans while having an opportunity to tour a part of the United States that is rarely seen.  We encourage volunteers to bring their families with them and enjoy the numerous activities in the area.  We’ll even put your family members to work with us, as there’s always something to do at the clinic!

  • Download the Volunteer Application Packet
  • Download the application to submit for a temporary Virginia license
  • Download the Sponsor Certification for Volunteers

Medical providers that are out of state and do not have a Virginia medical license will need to obtain a temporary license.

Dental providers no longer need to get a volunteer liscense.

For more information, please contact the volunteer coordinator at (276) 328-8850.

Disclaimer:  Volunteers will need to apply for a volunteer medical license through the Virginia Board of Medicine (takes approximately two weeks).  All travel, lodging, and activity expenses are to be paid for by volunteers.


Volunteer Resources

M7 Move Mountains Medical Missions

The Health Wagon is seeking volunteers for all health outreach events throughout the year. The Health Wagon has many needs for volunteers of all kinds. Whether you are a clinician or prefer general support tasks, we have a place for you. The Health Wagon’s outreach events are called "Move Mountains Medical Missions" or M7 for short. There are seven core programs which include dental, vision, medical, advanced diagnostics, veterinary, social and spiritual services. The Health Wagon has hosted the largest medical outreach of its kind in the nation since 1999. After twenty years of collaborating with Remote Area Medical (RAM), the Health Wagon will now be overseeing this event. After two decades, the Health Wagon built the needed infrastructure and RAM can invest their efforts and resources to other medically underserved areas throughout the country. We are excited to continue this tradition in 2020 under the new event name and branding of Move Mountains Medical Missions. We hope you will consider volunteering for this lifesaving event. To register, click here

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