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Adult Medicaid Expansion

By Betty Boyd

There has been a great disproportion in an adult getting health insurance. In May 2018 the Virginia legislature voted to expand the adult Medicaid program. Prior to this being enacted the income eligibility for an individual was $6,900.00 or below. This left a gap of 700,000 people without coverage. Today 400,000 can now qualify to sign up for this expanded coverage.

The Health Wagon now has Connie Little, (pictured on the left) as the Medicaid Outreach Coordinator. She wants to sign up as many as possible. Here is some additional information, prior to November 1, 2018, a childless adult did not even qualify for any Medicaid. Only with dependents with an annual income of $6,900.00 were eligible for coverage.

These changes are great news for Wise county and the surrounding area. The Health Wagon will be getting out the word via their Facebook page, health fairs, RAM and other initiatives. Everyone that is eligible should apply to get the benefits they deserve. Connie is here to help in anyway possible, from advising on the paperwork, providing postage for mailing the forms, to making sure each patient knows what is available to them.

So, do not be left out, and make sure to tell all your friends and neighbors about how the adult Medicaid expansion program is open and how the Health Wagon is here for support in making sure no one is left behind.

For more information see the resources below:
Here is the Cover Virginia link, since is it the Medicaid hub/starting point for coverage:

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