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An Interview with Cara Robinson – Nurse Practitioner

An Interview with Cara Robinson – Nurse Practitioner                                   

“I am All In”

By Betty Boyd

Cara Robinson’s inspiration is her mother, who started out as an intensive care nurse. Her mother would bring her to the hospital with her, Cara got to know the staff and had first hand exposure to the world of nursing.

Cara works for the Health Wagon and will be a nurse practitioner in family medicine. “I love people. I am their voice, and an advocate for others”, states Cara.

It is important to note, that as a nurse practitioner, you help the patient with medications, lifestyle choices and the best care possible. This could mean finding funding, look around the area for specialized care options that are close to the patient.

The Health Wagon is located in a very rural area, and there may not be a lot options available and you have to be very resourceful in getting needed care for the patient.

One of the rewards of being a nurse practitioner is “the interaction with the patients, and they are thankful for the care they receive. The trust that is built and you must speak for the patient”, says Cara.

Cara has developed many relationships other hospitals, doctors in providing the extra services needed. This includes specialized clinicals, to having doctors volunteer their time.

Cara “is all in” in making sure that her patients will have the best care they need. The Health Wagon “is all in” as a leader in patient care, specialized clinics, and overall well-being of the community at large.

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